One of the preconfigured reports included in ELM Editor that may not be so obvious at first glance is the Data Profile report, found under the Tools folder in ELM Editor. This unique report provides an excellent high level view of your event population, broken down into individual sections for more focused analysis.Data Profile Report 1

The Data Profile report, first introduced in ELM 5.5, gives you a snapshot of event activity including Event Age in the Primary database, total count of Event types, Event source, Event ID count, and Table Details of the currently connected ELM Database.

Data Profile Report 2

The Event Age section shows the range of events held in the ELM Primary database. This is directly correlated to the Data Retention and Archiving settings that have been configured for database management. This is useful for a reference point for the proceeding queries to give you an idea of the data range for the stats listed below. This also provides a quick glance in verifying that the database archiving is setup and working correctly.

Data Profile Report 3

The Event Type Count section shows the total number of each kind of event present in the database for the above date range. This is useful in showing you both the numbers and types of events you are collecting.

Data Profile Report 4

The Event Source and Event ID Count section gives a breakdown of the top 10 events grouped by Event sources plus the Event ID. These are sorted in descending order with the highest count events at the top. This is a great one to show you what the top events are in the system, showing total counts versus the limited number found in an Event View on Summary mode. It provides a reference point to review your event collection and retention policies (ie. why is my database so big, etc.). It points to specific events you can review and provides an area to work on system improvements or training depending on the events that show up in the top 10.

Data Profile Report 5

The Table Details section of the report is more for the advanced user. This table gives you the perspective on how ELM is storing data in the database. It can be an indication of database issues if the Events_temporary table shows records that do not get cleared overnight. It also provides an at-a-glance view of how many events per day you are collecting as each of the Event partition tables holds a days’ worth of data.

We hope that you found this article on Whats in the Data Profile Reports informative and useful and wish you continued success with ELM.