Products Affected

ELM Enterprise Manager 6.0 and 6.5


In-Place Upgrade ELM 6.0/ELM 6.5, to ELM Enterprise Manager 6.7


1. Notice: If upgrading from ELM 6.0 this will REQUIRE a new Primary, Failover Database, and SQL 2008. This is due to the new schema change. Verify your system requirements by clicking here. Upgrade to the latest build of 6.0, 6.5 before upgrading to the newest release. The latest build for ELM 6.0 is 245 and the latest build for ELM 6.5 is 184. Contact Support for the latest build.


  1. Make note of your Serial Number in the Activation dialog.
  2. Before upgrading, we Highly recommend that you backup the entire ELM directory:
    For 32bit Systems:
    ◦* ..\Program Files\ELM Enterprise Manager
    For 64bit Systems:
    ◦* ..\Program Files (x86)\ELM Enterprise Manager
  3. If archive data is needed, create ELM Editor Reports out of all Event Views that are desired. Due to the database schema change, only Reports will be accessible from the 6.0 and earlier archived databases.
  4.  Export any custom Editor Reports to xml.


  1. Download the latest 6.7 setup package, the Eval version will become the full version because of your license key.
  2. Run the install for ELM 6.7 and follow the setup wizard.
  3. On launching the ELM console for the first time after the upgrade, there will be a prompt to activate your license. Activate using the Web Activation if the ELM server has internet access. If not, you will need to contact support for the File Activation.
  4. Import any custom Editor Reports that were exported in the Suggested section above.
  5. Once the ELM Server and Console are upgraded, Service Agents will need to be upgraded either via the Console[ELM Console | Monitoring and Management | Agents and Monitors Library | right click All Agents | All Tasks | Reinstall Agents and follow the wizard].
    Alternatively, Agents may be updated manually using the same ELM setup package or an Agent Only setup may be obtained through support.
  6. Upgrade any remote ELM Consoles using the ELM Enterprise Manager setup package, selecting only the ELM Console in setup.

Legacy ELM Editor Reports

ELM 6.7 has made improvements to ELM Editor reporting. In order to take advantage of the new features the installer will move all older sample and custom reports to a Legacy reports directory under ELM Editor. A new Sample custom reports folder is then created to take advantage of new ELM Editor reporting features.

ELM Maintenance Plan

If the Install maintenance Microsoft SQL job was checked in the Database Wizard for the 5.5/6.0 installations, the SQL maintenance plan will need to be manually removed from SQL after the last backup has ran. In ELM 6.5 the SQL maintenance plan runs automatically every night at midnight and runs in the ELM Server process.

  1. In Microsoft SQL Management Studio for SQL 2005/2008, the maintenance plan is located under Management -> Legacy -> Database Maintenance -> ELM Maintenance Plan. Right click and delete.

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