Products Affected

All ELM 5.x and 6.x


  • When launching the ELM console you receive an error stating the it was unable to connect to the ELM Server.

-“Error 0x8007042D, The service did not start due to a logon failure.”
-“Error 0x800706BE, Remote procedure call failed.”


  • The logon account used by the ELM server does not have access to the SQL server.
  • The SQL server service has stopped.


Check for a SQL Server login failure:

  1. Open Windows Event Viewer on the ELM Enterprise Manager server and go to the Application log.
  2. Look for an error from EEMSVR containing information similar to “Error connecting to Database…”
  3. If the error is found and the SQL service is started you will need to change the password for the ELM services.
  4. Open the properties on the ELM services and change the Log On account to a user account with database administrator rights to the ELM databases.

Start MS SQL Server service:

  1. Using the Windows Services MMC on the MS SQL server
  2. Start the “SQL Server” service entry

Revision:  1.0

Last Modified:  3/4/2011

Last Reviewed:  3/4/2011

Article Type:  Troubleshooting