Release Notes

ELM Enterprise Manager – Version 7.5

Product Updates

The following fixes are included in release

  • Fixed: Allow recovery from a corrupt DatabaseSettings.xml file.
  • Fixed: Monthly Maintenance Categories could skip a month.
  • Fixed: Improved communication between ELM Services.

The following fixes are included in release

  • Added: Notification Schedules added a ResetThreshold and allow a disable frequency of one.
  • Fixed: Ensure LocalDB connection strings are always built correctly.
  • Fixed: Recreate LocalDB instance if an exception occurs communicating with it.
  • Fixed: Added error corrections when loading ELMCosole.dat.
  • Fixed: Increase activation frequency for subscription licenses.
  • Fixed: Allow ELM Agent deployment when the ELM Server does not have permissions but the MMC Console does have permissions.
  • Fixed: Dlls added to installation for dependency on 64 bit C++ runtime.
  • Fixed: Use the start event agent description when triggering Correlation time out notifications.
  • Fixed: Ensure all supported message environment variables appear in the Action | Insert Variable menu.
  • Fixed: Performance enhancement for callback processing.
  • Fixed: Importing an existing report is more robust.

The following fixes are included in release

  • Added: ReinstallAgents command line will tell a or later ELM Server to reinstall all agents.
  • Added: GetTraceFiles command line will get trace files from any or later ELM Server configured to accept data.
  • Added: Alternative databases can now be specified on initial install.
  • Fixed: Ensure no more than one socket per host when forwarding events from multiple Notification methods.
  • Fixed: If no Publisher is found for an event, return an error so the event data is correctly displayed.
  • Fixed: Display Task started string in the Task panel.
  • Fixed: Load default configuration when custom configuration is unavailable.
  • Fixed: Streaming connection data to the ELM Management Console is more efficient.
  • Fixed: Wizards process enter key pressing.
  • Fixed: Modify installer dialog shows the Repair/Modify button correctly.
  • Fixed: ELM Management Console works correctly when ELM Diagnostics service is disabled.
  • Fixed: Performance Chart axis labels are always visible.
  • Fixed: Updating binaries using a TCP/IP socket is more reliable.
  • Fixed: Do not write out multiple 6005 events for the same format string.

The following fixes are included in release

  • Added: SendXml command line will send configuration to any 7.0 or later ELM Server configured to accept data.
  • Added: SendBinaries command line will send current binaries to any 7.0 or later ELM Server configured to accept data.
  • Added: Windows 2019 specific security event format strings.
  • Fixed: Modified label from Accept Forwarded Events From (ELM Servers) to Accept Data From ELM Servers.
  • Fixed: Allow searching/display filtering on the Message column.
  • Fixed: Event Category field now displayed in appropriate monitor and notification wizards.
  • Fixed: A thread synchronization issue when calling SQL scripts.
  • Fixed: An ELM Management Console deadlock.
  • Fixed: Allow reinstall of ELM Agents running unsupported operating systems.
  • Fixed: Use the agent description for the agent local to the ELM Server when triggering Correlation time out notifications.
  • Fixed: Lock event so Forward Event Notification Method is thread safe.
  • Fixed: Improved resiliency of the General Performance agent view.
  • Fixed: If there is no database access, ensure Prune and Recovery threads are started.
  • Fixed: Connection string encoding.

Fixes included in release

  • Initial Release

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