With any new release of ELM Enterprise Manager approaching, we recommend you review some best practices in preparing for an upgrade. While some may put off upgrading unless absolutely necessary, by doing so you miss out on not only performance and stability improvements but also the new features and enhancements the make ELM even more helpful in your daily routine.

1) To start with, it’s always a good idea to verify you have the right system requirements for the latest version of ELM. Those can be found here:

ELM System Requirements

2)  Next we suggest updating to the latest current version build of ELM available before making the jump to the new version.

For ELM 6.5 users that is build 160. *

For ELM 6.0 users that is build 245. (please contact support to obtain a copy)

*Requires SQL Server 2008 or greater.

3) Make sure to note your Serial Number in the Activation dialog. You may need this to activate after the update process.

Upgrade Prep 1

4) Before beginning the installation procedure for the update we also recommend backing up the following files:

* ..Program FilesELM Enterprise ManagerappSettings.xml

* ..Program FilesELM Enterprise ManagerEEMSVR.dat

* ..Program FilesELM Enterprise ManagerdatabaseSettings.xml

If you have scheduled reports, make a copy of the ReportDefinitions folder and contents.

* …Program FilesELM Enterprise ManagerWebSiteReportsData

If you have completed reports, make a copy of them.

* ..Program FilesELM Enterprise ManagerWebSiteReports[Scheduled_Reports] folder and contents.

Update Installation

After downloading the latest 6.5 or 6.0 installation package, run the installer and follow the setup wizard.

Upon launching the ELM Console for the first time after the upgrade, there will be a prompt to activate your license. Activate using the Web Activation if the ELM Server has internet access. If not, you will need to contact our support department for the File Activation.

Once the ELM Server and ELM Console are upgraded, Service Agents will need to be upgraded either via the ELM Console and following the wizard:

Upgrade Prep 2

Or run through the ELM Setup Package and follow the wizard.

Upgrade Prep 3

The update process is now complete. You will want to verify that all custom Event Views, Reports, and Scheduled Reports are displaying and functioning properly.

We hope that you found this article on Steps to Prepare for an Upgrade With ELM informative and useful and wish you continued success with ELM.