December 20, 2019

As another fantastic year starts to wind down around the office, TNT Software had the opportunity to make a difference in the community for the holidays this year and embraced it full force.  Members of our team fueled up with coffee and headed out in the morning to the local warehouse club store to stock up on thousands of dollars worth of food, clothing and household items.  Although preliminary budgets had been suggested, Santa’s helpers quickly abandoned those during the shopping spree and went a little wild filling several shopping carts to capacity and beyond!  Despite the wind and the rain from a winter storm moving in, a few hours later a large delivery was made to Open House Ministries, a faith based family shelter in downtown Vancouver, WA.

“The response from the staff as well as some of the residents was almost overwhelming,” commented Steve Taylor, President and Founder of TNT Software.  “As arm load after arm load was carried in to the donation center there was a warm glow about all of us.  It felt great to be able to give something back to the community and help those in need.”

We are all looking forward to the holidays for a little relaxation and wish you and yours all the best and a Happy New Year!