Products Affected

ELM Products and above

Note: The Fix hasn’t been tested on all earlier versions and builds of the product and may or may not work.
We recommend to upgrade to the newest release in order to fix known issues.


Service Agent Will Not Start

General Observations

  1. The default port for the service agent is 1253.
  2. Frequently on Domain Controllers, this problems occurs even if the port isn’t listed as being used in netstat.
  3. When installing the agent from the ELM Console, the error message that is displayed in the Status column of the Agent Deployment Wizard is Failed. An error occured starting the agent service.
  4. When installing the agent from the setup .msi package, Refer to KBA Installing Service Agents Without the Console, the install appears to complete successfully. Then after a reboot or the TNT Agent service is restarted, there is an error message similar to: “Windows could not start the TNT Agent on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code -2147467259.”


  1. Check to see which tcp ports are currently in use by using this netstat command: netstat -bano -p tcp
  • If the service agents port default 1253 is listed under the Local Address column in netstat then the port used by the TNTagent will need to be changed to a port that is not in use.


  1. Change the port that is being used by the service agent.
    • Stop the TNT Agent service.
    • Run Regedit and navigate to the HKLM\SOFTWARE\TNT Software\ELM Manager Agent\5.5\Settings
    • Modify the TCPAgentPort to an unused port number
    • Start the TNT Agent service.

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Last Modified:  1/29/2009

Last Reviewed:  12/2/2010

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