How many times have you been reading through a long web page and found it too long to find what you’re looking for? A simple CTRL-F pops up a search box, you plug in your terms and you are off and running. Same thing applies to a long document, PDF, a spreadsheet, you name it.

So now you find yourself looking at an Event View in the ELM console and a certain event catches your eye. You could just continue to scroll through the view and keep an eye out for the next event, and the next, but if you have a lot of events in the view (the default is 5,000) this could take quite a while and you are prone to miss one or more.

Search Event Views 1

You could create a new Event View and Filter to narrow down to just this event in the View, but that takes a little effort or can clutter up your Console with a bunch of extra, rarely used Event Views.

You could modify the filter for the View and narrow down to just this event occurrence, but you need to remember to remove your filter changes after you’re done. Something that is often easy to overlook.

Another great option, too often unnoticed, is to search for the event occurrence within that View by using the “Find” option – just like you would with a web browser or Word document.

First thing to be aware of is that the CTRL-F keyboard shortcut will not popup a “Find” dialog. In ELM you will right click in the Event View, slide down to All Tasks and then click the Find… option.

Search Event Views 2

Now you’ll see the familiar “Find” popup. When you enter in your search query and click Find Next, the events will be highlighted in gray in the View behind the popup “Find” box and the View will automatically scroll as you move to the next occurrences.

Search Event Views 3

The “Find” tool will look for your search terms in all of the column fields present in the View. This is very handy when it comes to something in the event message text that you cannot easily narrow down by performing a sort by column.

We hope that you found this article on Quick Ways to Search Through Event Views useful and wish you continued success with ELM.