Get Real-Time Alerts on System and Application Activity

ELM Enterprise Manager comes with several customizable alerts, notification methods and forwarding capabilities based on event activity to keep you aware of incidents that require attention or response. Check out details on each of these alerting options below.

Notifications and Alerts

Command Script

Executes a command, a command line application, a batch file, or a script on a remote system.

+ More Command Script Notification Details


Data collected from systems is sent to the Dashboard View in the form of colored indicators for quick visual analysis.

+ More Dashboard Details

ELM Advisor

A desktop notification that displays popups near the taskbar and can play sound files.

+ More ELM Advisor Details

Forward Events

An ELM Server can forward events to another ELM Server supporting centralization and n-tier environments.

+ More Event Forwarding Details

Email Notification

Customize the message sent, including the From field, the message text (including variables and information from any event), and the size of the message.

+ More Email Notification Details

Below are additional, but less commonly used notification features found in ELM Enterprise Manager.

SNMP V1/V2 Traps

Any event received by the ELM Server can be repackaged and transmitted as an SNMP Trap or Inform to any SNMP management systems in the organization.

SNMP V3 Trap

Events received by the ELM Server can be transmitted as SNMP V3 Traps or Informs and utilize different authentication and encryption protocols.

Syslog Message

ELM can send native, integrated and customizable Syslog Messages for centralized support of cross-platform environments.

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