Centralize All Your Data In a Standardized Format

ELM Enterprise Manager collects all your events, application logs, Syslog, SNMP and performance data and standardizes it into a Windows Event format allowing you to streamline your operations and create real-time alerts. This collection is accomplished utilizing a variety of different monitoring features listed below.

Event and Log Management Features

Event Collector

Real-time event collection from any Windows event log with full message details.

+ More Event Collector Details

Event File Collector

Securely moves and clears native .evtx files off host machines.

+ More Event File Collector Details

File Monitor

Scans log files and directories for specified character string matches.

+ More File Monitor Details

Event Monitor

Determines if specified events have NOT been written within a given time period.

+ More Event Monitor Details

Syslog Receiver

Receives Syslog Messages from Linux/UNIX systems and network devices.

+ More Syslog Receiver Details

SNMP Receiver

Receives SNMP v1, v2 and v3 Traps and converts them into a Windows event format.

+ More SNMP Receiver Details

SNMP Monitor

Queries SNMP Object IDs and compares result to expected values.

+More SNMP Monitor Details

SNMP Collector

Collects and stores SNMP Object IDs for trend analysis.

+More SNMP Collector Details

Inventory Collector

Detects changes in OS versions, new and existing applications, and installed hardware.

+ More Inventory Collector Details

Performance and Status Monitoring Features

Ping Monitor

Pings systems at schedules intervals and monitors for 9 different status changes.

+ More Ping Monitor Details

Performance Monitor

Tests performance objects/counter/instances against target results using >,=, or < operators.

+ More Performance Monitor Details

Performance Collector

Scheduled collection of any Windows published performance counter/object/instance.

+ More Performance Collector Details

Process Monitor

Detects new processes, failed processes and monitors CPU thresholds.

+ More Process Monitor Details

Service Monitor

Monitors for changes in service states from Running, Paused, and Stopped.

+ More Service Monitor Details

Script Monitor

A distributed ‘Task Scheduler’ able to run virtually any PowerShell, VB or CScript on a remote system.

+ More Script Monitor Details

WMI Monitor

Queries the Windows Management Instrumentation namespaces for results change.

+ More WMI Monitor Details

Application and Network Monitoring Features

TCP Monitor

Executes a connection to a specified TCP port and evaluates availability and quality of service.

+More TCP Port Monitor Details

FTP Monitor

Executes a connection to a FTP site and evaluates availability and quality of service.

+ More FTP Monitor Details

SMTP Monitor

Executes a connection to a specified SMTP Server and evaluates availability and quality of service.

+ More SMTP Monitor Details

Web Page Monitor

Monitors SSL Certificate for expiration and 9 different status changes.

+ More Web Page Monitor Details

Fault Tolerance Features

Agent Monitor

Connects to the ELM Agent listening port and restarts an Agent if non-responsive.

+ More Agent Monitor Details

Event Writer

Schedules a “Heartbeat Event” for Point-to-Point Verification.

+ More Event Writer Details
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