Different Systems – Different Monitoring Features

ELM Enterprise Manager offers a flexible licensing model allowing you to customize the monitoring features you need for each server or group of servers, workstations and network devices in your environment by selecting the corresponding license that fits best.

Each license includes a defined set of monitoring items from the full list of monitoring features in ELM.

You may determine you want System licenses for some of your servers, Core licenses for another set, and a handful of Network licenses all under one deployment.  That’s what we mean by flexibility – build it the way you want it.

We invite you to explore the features found in each license of ELM in the table below.

For those systems that absolutely cannot afford downtime or perhaps you have specialty application monitoring requirements, a System license provides every monitoring feature available in ELM.

When in doubt, a System license has you covered.

The Core License includes the most commonly used event log management features as well as performance and availability monitoring for most servers and workstations in operation.

When you don’t necessarily need everything, the Core License is a wise choice.

If you’re strictly looking for event log management then the Event license is up to the task with the needed event log collection and monitoring features.

If you need to go a step further in the world of logs with SNMP or Syslogs, then the Log license is the next best choice for your more advanced needs.

If you’ve got network devices and Linux or UNIX systems you want to pull into the mix then the Network license is the right choice for most Syslog and SNMP activity as well the ability to monitor TCP ports.

It allows you to convert these different log types into a standardized Windows Event style format for viewing and alerting within a single interface.

Download a Feature Summary

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Log Management Features in Each License

Event Collector

Event Monitor

File Monitor

Event File (.evtx) Collector

Syslog Receiver

SNMP Receiver

SNMP Monitor

SNMP Collector

Performance & Status Features in Each License

Ping Monitor

Performance Monitor

Performance Collector

Process Monitor

Service Monitor

Script Monitor

WMI Monitor

Inventory Collector

Fault Tolerance Features in Each License

Agent Monitor

Event Writer

Application & Network Monitoring

These specialty monitoring features are only found in the System license, except for the TCP Port Monitor also found in the Network license.

TCP Port Monitor FTP Monitor SMTP Monitor SQL Monitor Web Page Monitor
Executes a connection to a specified TCP port and evaluates availability and quality of service. Executes a connection to a FTP site and evaluates availability and quality of service. Executes a connection to a specified SMTP Server and evaluates availability and quality of service. Executes scheduled SQL queries and evaluates results for changes. Monitors SSL Certificate for expiration and 9 different status changes.
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