Using ELM to Monitor Event Logs of Remote Workers

As the Covid-19 virus spreads many organizations have rapidly adopted a remote workforce model to protect employees and customers.  This does not come easily when the availability of resources such as equipment and connectivity are spread thin.  And let’s face it, not all work can be done in the cloud, creating more taxing environments for VPNs and data syncing and maintaining policy and procedures.  Employees working from home also introduce a new risk for endpoints, not only with security but also productivity.

Remote monitoring is more important than ever as companies transition to a remote workforce.

ELM Enterprise Manager continues to be a vital tool in helping you to keep operations running smoothly and can be utilized to support a remote workforce in a number of ways.

ELM Uses Installed Agents to Push Event Data to a Central Server

When employees are working remotely, even if they are offline, ELM will cache event data at the local level to be sent to the central ELM server once connectivity is re-established.

Use ELM to monitor and alert on:

  • Remote VPN services for worker access
  • Backups and Sync status.
  • Heartbeat event cycles to verify endpoints are on-line (are employees on-line?)
  • Application Inventory (Watching for unapproved apps, games, etc.)
  • Flushing DNS on remote systems

ELM can go beyond just monitoring with unique features such as:

  • Script Monitor to assign tasks from the Server level and run at the Agent level
  • Scripts to force group policy updates

ELM can handle widely dispersed work environments with ease.  We have tested event forwarding across multiple continents so getting data across town from remote workers is nearly transparent.  Workstations do not have to be part of a domain or a workgroup for ELM to collect and monitor events.

Our pricing model for monitoring workstations is very competitive and we provide volume discounts starting as low as 50 devices.

TNT Software is maintaining business as usual with no adjustment to hours or services.  We have instituted a virtual office environment effective March 17 to help protect our employees and their families so we understand the challenges each of you may be facing.

We want our customers to stay strong and keep their employees working to support the economy. We are here to help support your remote workforce.

Stay well.

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