Emergency 911 Call Center System Monitoring

Public Safety and Emergency Services System Integration and Centralized Monitoring

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) across the country face continual challenges for reliability, scalability, and adapting to new technologies and standards.  ELM Enterprise Manager is a key integrated component of many public safety solutions supporting the transition from analog to digital or IP-based 911 systems.

ELM provides real-time monitoring, alerting and notifications for the suite of emergency service solutions that authorities and first responders rely on daily to support their operations such as:

Over 3,600 PSAPs Rely on ELM

The FCC reports approximately 8,600 active PSAPs in their national registry. ELM Enterprise Manager is installed and supporting over 3,600 PSAPs nationwide. That equates to over 40% of the emergency call center operations across the United States relying on ELM to support their first responder emergency services.

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