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ELM Enterprise Manager is a premised event log software solution capable of centralizing and processing thousands of events per second.

It provides powerful and customizable filtering so that you can monitor every aspect of the endpoints in your environment or only the details that matter to you.

Real-time alerting will keep you ahead of the game so that small problems don’t turn into big headaches.

Advanced archiving and storage capabilities along with dozens of reports and customization options mean there isn’t a compliance mandate out there that you can’t handle.

Whether you have dozens of servers and workstations or hundreds to keep tabs on, centralize and standardize the monitoring of your Windows Events, Syslogs, SNMP, custom application logs and more with ELM.

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Key Features & Benefits

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Collect Thousands of Events Per Second

Being a subscriber to the Windows event log, ELM captures events as they happen without the need for an external API resulting in exceptional performance over ALL OTHER event log solutions.

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We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Our support team is more than happy to walk you through ELM and assist in setting up your environment for a full evaluation if desired – no strings attached.  We encourage you to ask questions, challenge us, and get the most out of your experience with ELM for your event log software needs.