March 7, 2019

TNT Software is pleased to announce the general release of ELM Enterprise Manager 7.5.  This new version of our flagship event log management and server monitoring software continues to build on the solid foundation of ELM’s real-time monitoring, alerting and reporting features with some exciting new updates.

New UI

First introduced in version 7.0, the new modernized user interface continues to streamline performance while improving the end user experience.  “We’re really excited about the new interface,” commented Steve Taylor, founder of TNT Software.  “It is another big step in our strategic plan for modernizing the product and bringing in new features and visual displays that weren’t possible in previous versions.”

The new UI started out as the ELM Dashboard, a view-only notification screen for event activity and performance bottlenecks across systems being monitored.  With the release of version 7.5, more of the feature sets in the old UI and configuration settings have been incorporated into the new interface and enhanced in the process.  “It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s been a great way to ease the transition for our customers from a very familiar UI to something totally new,” said David Cahill who heads up TNT Software technical support.

See More of the New UI Here!

View Filtering

With Event Views in the new UI, sorting through thousands of events for that needle in a haystack has never been easier. With the new filtering capabilities each column of an event view can be filtered on simultaneously and searches are predictive so that results are shown in near real time!

Event Forwarding Customization

When forwarding events from one ELM Server to another, users can now customize the Event Category field to virtually any description desired.  This is incredibly valuable for filtering and reporting purposes in a network architecture with multiple locations all passing events to a central ELM Server for monitoring and notifications.  The Event Category can be used to identify each individual site for better visibility into a literal ocean of events being processed.

Performance Data Visibility

For years ELM has been able to both collect and monitor published performance counters, objects and instances as well as new processes, failed processes, and CPU thresholds, however it was buried in data tables that were rarely used.  With the new UI, this valuable information comes to the forefront to quickly and visually pinpoint bottlenecks and potential problems through configurable notifications such as status indicators, trends on sparkline displays and more.

Script Monitor

The new Script Monitor allows the ELM Agent to run virtually any PowerShell, VB, or CScript on a remote system.  It operates like a distributed task scheduler providing administrators with great control and precision for automating jobs.

Database Management

In previous versions of ELM the database configuration was tucked back inside of the Control Panel applet which kept it somewhat hidden from the end user or ELM administrator.  With the new ELM Management Console UI database management is built in and vastly improved for validating, deleting and managing connections.

One Console, Many Servers

The new ELM Management Console now allows Agents to report to multiple ELM Servers using firewall friendly ports.  This allows a single ELM Management Console to be the centralized hub for multiple ELM Server locations.

Syslog Parsing

ELM can now parse and extract incoming syslog message contents into designated event fields – standardizing the format to be far more user friendly and useful.

Upgrades and Updates

With the new installer in version 7.5, updating your deployment is no longer a two-step process where the Server was updated first, then updates pushed out to the Agents.  This has been streamlined to a single step install for updating both the ELM Server and Agents, however the old two-step update process is still an option if desired.

We invite you to check out these great features and more in the new ELM Enterprise Manager 7.5 – now available for download.