TNT Software is pleased to announce that ELM Enterprise Manager 7.0 has officially been released.

The latest installment of ELM includes a new Dashboard Notification interface, designed to provide at-a-glance views of system performance, bottlenecks and metrics as well as system availability utilizing a red light – green light type of logic.

Utilizing SQL Server to power ELM’s data, now a LocalDB instance of SQL Express is included with the installer package to simplify the setup process for both free trial customers as well as those customers who rely on ELM more as a notification tool vs storing data long term.

A new Event Writer monitor item is featured for supporting end-to-end monitoring in conjunction with Correlation Views first introduced in ELM Enterprise Manager version 6.7.  The Event Writer will create a new event on the monitored system at a predetermined interval.  This event is collected and sent to the ELM Server.  The Correlation View on the server is set on a time to watch for events being displayed.  This simple yet effective loop provides a more thorough heartbeat type of indicator that a system is not only there, but that it is indeed writing events and the ELM server is collecting them.

Other highlights of of the ELM 7.0 release include a more advanced granular ping monitor, improved support for SNMP v3, and a streamlined installer.

Download the latest version of ELM Enterprise Manager today!