ELM Enterprise Manager 6.5 has reached the “End of Life” phase of its product roadmap. Effective December 31, 2017, technical support and the in-place upgrade feature was terminated.

Initially released on October 18, 2011, ELM Enterprise Manager 6.5 changed the way event logs entries are stored. This landmark release normalizes the events in the database. It stores the lengthy message detail text only once and securely stores the unique event parameters for every event entry collected. In addition, all security events details are pre-loaded for initial responsiveness. This process reduces the storage requirements by approximately 50%.

In addition to the normalization process, ELM 6.5 introduced data partitioning. This segmentation of data accelerates the archiving process. Improving data transfer, large time concentric blocks of event data is moved from the Primary Database to an Archive Database. This efficiency improvement reduces the time required to securely move large volumes of data into an Archive Database.

The features remain in ELM Enterprise Manager today.