Products Affected

ELM Enterprise Manager | ELM Log Manager | ELM Event Log Monitor 5.5 products


Service Agents don’t apply Event Filter changes until the TNTagent service is restarted. This applies to Include and Exclude Event Filters.


On the ELM Server

  1. Contact Support for the Hotfix TNTEE.dll.
  2. Stop all ELM services: ELM Server service | ELM Report Scheduler service | TNTAgent service if installed.
  3. In the ELM install directory, rename the current TNTEE.dll to TNTEE.dll.orig and then copy the updated TNTEE.dll received from TNT Support into the same directory.
    The default ELM install directory is one of the following: ◦*\Program Files\ELM Enterprise Manager
    ◦*\Program Files\ELM Log Manager
    ◦*\Program Files\ELM Event Log Monitor
  4. Start all stopped ELM services.
  5. Reinstall all service agents. In the ELM Console | Monitoring | Right Click All Agents | All Tasks | Reinstall Agents.
  6. Verify the hotfix works as expected.

Revision:  1.0

Last Modified:  6/14/2010

Last Reviewed:  12/2/2010

Article Type:  Hotfix