To provide a visual comparison of datasets, the ELM Management Console includes a powerful docking feature for arranging your display. This customized display option allows multiple Documents to be viewed within a single pane. As a result, event streams from multiple servers can be viewed simultaneously and Sparklines of system status can be stacked above the supporting performance counters. These visual relationships help to highlight changes to the health and status of troublesome servers.
The Docking Feature in the ELM Management Console displays multiple Events, Charts and Table on a single pane.

Products Affected

ELM Enterprise Manager 7.0, 7.5

Accessing Docking in the ELM Management Console

Arranging Documents is a click-and-drag function. The first step is to launch all the Documents to be docked. By double-clicking the left mouse button in any cell in the Dashboard, tabbed Agent Event, Chart, and Table Documents are published into the Document pane.

The next step is to dock each of these Documents. Select a tabbed Document, hold down the left mouse button and drag into the viewing pane. Eight docking sites will appear. Move the cursor until the icon for the selected area turns blue. Then, release the left bottom and the tabbed Document is locked in to place. Collapsing the Row Detail Table expands the available real estate for complex docking configurations.
The docking feature in the ELM Management Console provides multiple Windows Event Logs simultaneously and in real-time.

Reverse Docking in the ELM Console

There are two methods to return the ELM Management Console to its standard configuration. The easiest method is to close all of the Documents. As the tabbed Documents are closed, the docking sites will automatically adjust to the changes.

Alternately, reversing the docking process is an option. Again, select a tabbed Document, hold down the left mouse button, and drag it t Save o the original position. A blue tab outline will identify the un-docked location. Now, release the button.

In automated Event Log Management and Windows Server Monitoring, a single view of data is not always enough. The ELM Management Console includes a docking feature that provides the building of complex displays for prompt identification and correlation of related data. ELM Enterprise Manager supports proactive Windows Server Management with powerful displays of critical data.