There often are times when you’ll be investigating activities within an Event View and find the need to share this data with a coworker, manager, or someone else. You could create a custom report from the Event View, schedule it to run, and distribute accordingly, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just grab what you want to share and send it right off instead? In this tech tip article we’ll review a trick with Print Preview to create and share these types of simple reports on-the-fly.

Within any Event View, ELM has a right-click menu option. We’re going to start by switching our Event View, in this case the Security — All Audit Events View, to Summary View. Now to share this view as a report, we’ll want to right-click in the white space of the right pane of the console. Make sure you don’t do this on an event or the context menu that pops up will be different than what you see here.

Print Preview Reports

The third choice on this menu is “Print Preview” which is often overlooked in favor of performing some other task. By choosing Print Preview, ELM will launch the default browser, typically Internet Explorer, and display the contents of the Event View in the browser window in a table format. From the browser window you now have some options on how to share this report.

Print Preview Reports

If the ELM Server has a printer installed the report could be printed and delivered via hard copy. (Beware of printing a lengthy, numerous page report! This is why we selected the Summary mode from the Event View.) Or if the ELM Server has Internet Explorer version 7 or higher, the browser page can be copied and pasted into an email (Rich Text or HTML formats only), modified as needed (font sizes, colors, etc.) and delivered to the appropriate parties.

Print Preview Reports Email

Once you are done with delivery of your “on-the-fly” report you can simply close the Internet Explorer window and go on with your work. You’ll find using this simple Print Preview feature can save you a lot of time and make sharing Event View activity out of ELM quick and easy.

We hope that you found this article on Quick Reports Utilizing Print Preview informative and useful and wish you continued success with ELM.