It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago I started TNT Software, Inc. after having great success introducing a shareware product to the world.  Literally out of my own garage TNT, which came from “Taylor and Taylor,” was born of my own hands.  It was the result of months of searching for a tool to satisfy my own needs and then many, many nights of coding, testing, trial and error, and sometimes starting over.

Today we have installations of ELM all over the world (and some under the world!) supporting everything from older legacy operating systems to the newest that Microsoft has to offer.  Yes, we’re a Microsoft shop; always have been and proud of it.  But our development has allowed us to reach far beyond the Microsoft ecosystem to support machines utilizing Syslog and SNMP.  We can offer a holistic view of every log, file, counter, and metric that computers and networks have to offer.

We have some customers who have been with us for the last 20 years and we greatly appreciate your long term commitment and loyalty.  We’ve also had some customers leave to use another monitoring solution and we have wished them well.  Some have returned finding that other cloud-based solutions or those that were heavily dependent on APIs simply couldn’t perform to the level that ELM can, and we welcome them back.  These kind of stories make me smile.  The product I developed so many years ago remains a solid foundation for IT Professionals and System Admins today.

I’d also like to thank all of the friends, family, business partners and especially our employees for your dedicated efforts helping to develop, sell, support, and maintain such a great product.  Without you TNT Software wouldn’t be here.


Steve Taylor
President & Founder